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Advanced Medical Express Clinic is an authorized POWERSTEP medical orthotic dealer.

ProTech Medical Insoles

The Powerstep ProTech medical insoles are designed with built-in arch support, heel cradle, and a perfect balance of support and comfort. These orthotic insoles help alleviate discomfort caused by foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, heel spurs, arch pain, and more.


These medical-grade arch support insoles are available exclusively through medical professionals. ProTech products purchased from unauthorized resellers are not covered under our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

High Quality Health Supplements

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The Ketogenic way of eating (Keto)

A great alternative to the standard American diet (SAD).  

Sinus Rinsing

I am constantly having this discussion with my clients.  Using a sinus rinse daily while sick, or even once per week as a preventative treatment will yield better health and fewer visits to your health care provider.  I highly recommend this.

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